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Tipsy Tabby Cat Lounge Waiver

Please read the entire document

  • I understand that there are cats in the cat lounge. 

  • I understand that cat dander is a common allergen and I enter this facility at my own risk. 

    • Zoonotic disease - (zoonoses) are infections that are spread between people and animals. These infections are caused by germs, such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Some can be severe and life threatening, and others may be milder and get better on their own. A good protection against zoonoses is washing your hands with soap and running water or using hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available. I agree to use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the lounge and after I leave. 

    • For more information on zoonotic diseases and questions concerning cat safety, refer to the CDC website,

    • All cats at our facility have been examined and vaccinated by a veterinarian

  • I have read the above description of zoonoses, I understand the importance of clean hands, and know the web address to the CDC website regarding cat safety. 

Treatment of Cats 

  • No removing cats from the lounge area 

  • No allowing cats out of the lounge area 

  • No picking up cats 

  • Cats may choose not to interact with you 

  • Do not feed cats or allow cats to eat your food 

  • No flash photography 

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for any type of “abusive behavior” towards our cats, customers, and staff. 

  • “Abusive behavior” includes teasing, overly loud noises, foul language, yelling, stomping, chasing, harassing, physically hurting, and any other behaviors deemed abusive by our staff. 

  • I agree that I understand and will follow the rules regarding the treatment of the cats at The Tipsy Tabby. 


  • All people 13 years and under must be accompanied by an adult 

  • Adults must take full responsibility for all interactions between children and cats 

  • No persons may climb any furniture/trees/objects for any reason. 

  • I agree to the rules regarding children at The Tipsy Tabby. I understand these rules are for the safety of the cats and children at The Tipsy Tabby. 


  • All adoptions are facilitated by Cat Tales Rescue 

  • It is not guaranteed they will allow you to adopt a cat 



  • Each reservation is for 50 minutes and starts at the top of the hour; payment is not prorated if you leave early or arrive late.  

  • You will check in at the food counter to receive a key fob for the lounge and receive instructions for the Lounge. 

  • There is a Double door system to prevent cats from getting out, one door is allowed open at a time. 

Our facility is under video surveillance for the safety of our cats. 

We reserve the right to ask any person to leave for any reason.

  • I have read and understand all these rules/statements/information and agree to all that they imply.

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