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At The Tipsy Tabby, we offer a variety of delicious tea, coffee, seasonal drinks, and fresh local baked goods.


We also offer homemade bubble tea, a Taiwanese tea-based drink that contains chewy tapioca pearls. Check our menu to see what flavors we currently have!


An assortment of fresh, baked goods is delivered from Sweetened Memories Bakery in Durham regularly. Choose from a variety of delicious croissants, muffins, cookies, giant cosmic brownies, and more.


The Tipsy Tabby

The Tipsy Tabby combines our favorite things; coffee, tea, and Cats! 

Located in the beautiful mill town of Newmarket, New Hampshire, The Tipsy Tabby embodies the powerfully fun and healing space a cat cafe can be. The little building on Main Street is charming and cozy, just as any small-town New England shop should be. 

Our building has been renovated from the bottom up and during the process, we took great care in choosing the materials we used. Over 80% of our materials were recycled or repurposed. Working in this way gives us great pride, and provided us with a beautiful and eclectic space for you, and our cats to enjoy.

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