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The Tipsy Tabby

A Cafe for Cat Lovers
Now Open!

The Tipsy Tabby offers hot chocolate,
tea and baked goods, (and a bit of liqueur) in a cozy cafe where adoptable cats live and play.

Hot Chocolate
Tea & Coffee
Baked Goods
Tipsy Tabby Logo

Our building has two areas: a cafe space, and a lounge space.

The cafe is open to the public during all business hours. Come get a delicious drink, sit, and enjoy great views of the lounge, or make an appointment (space permitting) to spend time in the lounge with our wonderful cats!


The lounge is by appointment only for the health and happiness of our cats and guests. You're welcome to make a walk-in appointment, but if you want to be sure there's space for your party we definitely recommend booking online!


The Tipsy Tabby

The Tipsy Tabby combines our favorite things; hot chocolate, tea, and Cats! After living her best life working at a veterinary dentistry practice in Metro Atlanta, our founder Kaitlyn has returned home to pursue her dream and opened a cat cafe.

Meet our

Adoptable Kitties

All of the cats at The Tipsy Tabby are currently on a medical foster hold. Once the state finishes its inspections you'll have the opportunity to take these sweet cats into your loving home! All our cats come from Cat Tales Rescue, a wonderful non-profit located in Seabrook, NH. Until they are adopted, our cats will enjoy snuggling up with our customers and getting all the pets that they can.

Read the profile of each of our adoptable cats to get to know them a little better.

Enjoy an afternoon at 

The Tipsy Tabby.

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